A downloadable game for Windows

This is a follow-up based on the game project "The Lights Are Evil", that I submitted the SPPRO Discord GameJam 6

Controls: Use WASD + Mouse, Arrow keys or a Gamepad to  control the ball and the camera. Use to reset to the last checkpoint if you're stuck.

Install instructions

Just download and open the EXE. This game requires a recent graphics card, as it's not very performance optimized yet.


CriticalLight-1.1.rar 122 MB


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What a fun little game!

Loved it! It was short but sweet, definitely would recommend you try this one.


Really liked it! Did try to move the first box past the big light for way too long though lol. It's also very very pretty!

Thank you very much! Oh yeah, you're not the only one to try to move the first box past the big light (some even managed to do it). But it's very insightful to see how differently people approach the puzzles. Thanks for playing!  :)


Very creative game idea, puzzles weren't too hard or too easy,  only issue I found was trying to move the boxes, but overall, its a brilliant game.

Thank you! Yeah, the boxes are just simple physics objects, I let the engine handle the movement. I guess I have to fiddle around with that. Thanks for playing! :)


Unexpected ending, nice gameplay. :)


Thanks for playing! :)